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Parking permits are simple, effective and hassle free way to manage your car park. This will help our enforcement officer to see whether the vehicle is allowed to be parked there or not.  Parking Permits also reduces the unauthorised parking and deter people who misuse the parking spaces.

Alpha Eyes Parking permits are completely customised and unique to your sites. Our dedicated parking permit department is always available to provide you tailored made services to meet your requirements. Unique parking permits issued to your site will help to deter the unauthorised parking.

We can deal with any volume of parking permits for your residents, visitors, contractors and/or customers according to your needs. We also provide parking permit with an allocated bay number to ensure exclusivity for particular parking bays. This will provide you and your car park user an inclusive and hassle free solution to your parking issues. 

Alpha Eyes Parking provides initial parking permit completely free of charge when you use our enforcement services. 

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