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Mystery Shopping and Parking Management

Alpha Eyes Parking offers a Mystery Shopping Services to all business, particularly to those who wanted to make sure that their service providers are operating and delivering services up to the standard as they have been promised. Our unique customised mystery shopping services are designed to meet your needs and to provide you honest and detailed feedback, our personal experience of the day/s and reports. Our rates are very competitive and flexible to meet your budgets.  Our mystery shopping is carried out by parking experts who has vast experience in this field.

Our expert mystery shopper will be posing as a normal customer or car park user performing particular but planned and discussed tasks. They also will observe how they have been treated or served. Our mystery shopper may behave in a difficult or in a certain way in order to monitor and access, how they have been treated or have been helped by the staff, if they may required. They may receive a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) ask certain questions and asking about the registering complaints.

Our unique Mystery Shopping Programme will help you to “Recommend and Identify”:

. If your staff require any further training
. If your staffs are following the legal requirements 
. If your staff is following your own policies and procedures
. The compliance of parking regulations and effectiveness of enforcement
.  How can you improve the quality of services that you provide to your customers and car park users
.  If your staff need training, how to stay in control in challenging situations  
. How to stay calm and deal with the difficult customers

Let us help you to improve services and experience for your customers and car park users 

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